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What we’re reading: Week 5

Posted June 26, 2014

By Jessica Boehm

Smith & Wesson: Americans are buying fewer guns (Aaron Smith, 6/20, CNN Money) Gunmaker Smith & Wesson saw rifle sales drop in the past quarter, but handgun sales rose by 30 percent.

Gun controversy lost on new shooting stars (Sally Jacobs, 6/22, Boston Globe) Competitive marksmanship is attracting youth and teens across the country.

Georgia’s new pro-gun law triggers confusion for some residents (Susanna Capelouto, 6/22, NPR) Georgia’s “guns everywhere” bill will take effect on July 1 and some residents have expressed confusion.

Gun-toting women look for best place to conceal pistols (Jason Wheeler, 6/23, WFAA-TV) In a world where most gun holsters are designed for men, women explore different options for conceal carrying their pistols

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