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Spotlight on the Fellows: Jacob Byk

Posted July 9, 2014
Jacob Byk reports in Photo by: Carmen Forman

Jacob Byk takes photos in Discount Firearms and Ammo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo by: Carmen Forman

Name: Jacob Byk, Dix/Oliver Fellow

School: Kent State University

Style of reporting: Photojournalism, strict candid photography capturing the mood and personality of an individual.

Previous internship or work experience: National Geographic Society’s Digital Image Sales department in Washington, D.C. I have freelanced for many local papers in Ohio and have been both a photographer and the photo editor for our school’s award winning student magazine, the Burr.

Favorite reporting experience: It’s hard to choose—the word “experience” is an all-inclusive one for me – specifically traveling. Driving around rural Kentucky telling the story of a local car mechanic was pretty amazing as an experience. Driving from northeast Ohio to Miami in a day to do a story on a homeless person’s shelter, or driving to Illinois to cover the aftermath of a deadly tornado. But as far as story goes, the overall struggles and victories of working on a long-term documentary about coal mining and gas drilling in southwestern Pennsylvania over the last three years has been amazing. I have grown up as a reporter and a person learning from the people of Greene County, Pennsylvania.

Connect with me: @jacobbykphoto on Instagram.


Favorite app: Spotify. Love me some Johnny Cash!

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