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What we’re reading: Week 10

Posted July 31, 2014

By Jessica Boehm

Afghanistan may have lost track of more than 200,000 weapons (Thomas Gibbons-Neff, The Washington Post, 7/28) A new report shows that the Afghan Nation Security Forces may have lost track of 43 percent of small arms supplied by the United States.

How military guns make the civilian market (Matt Valentine, The Atlantic, 7/28) With the U.S. Army briefing arms manufacturers on the requirements of a new standard-issue handgun this week, reporter Matt Valentine chronicles how military guns make it into the civilian market.

Bloomberg gun group releases new ad tying guns to domestic violence (Jackie Kucinich, The Washington Post, 7/29) Everytown for Gun Safety released an ad calling on three Republican senators to support a federal legislation to close a loophole that allows many domestic abusers to purchase guns.

Baltimore supermarket swaps guns for groceries (Carrie Wells, The Baltimore Sun, 7/26) A Baltimore supermarket gave $100 gift cards for each gun turned in at a buy back event.

Candidates debate smart guns (Chelsea Feinstein, Sentinel & Enterprise, 7/30) Democratic attorney general candidates in Massachusetts debate guns that use technology to prevent them from being operated by another owner through fingerprint recognition.

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